Project Overview

Battle of Britain

MSN commissioned Shoothill to create a stunning series of interactive guides, bringing the compelling history of the Battle of Britain to life.

Firstly, the series contains a striking photo and document archive contained within one single image – the iconic shot of St Paul’s with London blazing in the background – which users can zoom into to see hundreds of compelling pictures from The Blitz in great detail. This Deep Zoom mosaic features images, captions and scans of original secret documents detailing the Luftwaffe’s bombing missions.

The second feature in the series is Shoothill’s custom-built ‘TimeMap’, an immersive educational application which overlays historical maps with those of the present day on a live Bing Maps Platform. Using the ‘TimeScope’ feature, users can see historic German target allocation maps, and original aerial reconnaissance photos belonging to the Imperial War Museum, which show the Luftwaffe’s bombing targets in London and Coventry, from gas works and power stations to water works and docks.

Key Skills & Technologies

  • Project Management
  • Frond End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Deep Zoom Megafiche
  • Bing Maps Development