FloodAlerts, the award-winning software developed by Shoothill, in partnership with the Environment Agency, is now available to download from the Windows 8 Store.

In addition to the launch of FloodAlerts on Facebook, the world’s first Facebook flood warning app, Shoothill FloodAlerts has now been developed for Windows 8 and is now available on the Windows 8 Store.

With more than 1.5 billion devices currently using a version of Windows, tech research firm Gartner estimate that the operating system has by far the widest installed base of any other operating system worldwide.

The highly anticipated release of the new Windows 8 Operating System, which has been described by many as the most radical overhaul of the Windows operating system to date, sees Microsoft launch the latest in a series of consumer facing campaigns to extend the reach of their ubiquitous Windows operating system.

By utilising the power of several Microsoft technologies, such as Bing Maps and Microsoft Windows Azure, ensures that FloodAlerts remains a unique and powerful application, taking real-time flood data from over 1800 Environment Agency monitoring stations throughout England and Wales and displaying this data on an interactive map. The service continues to be offered free of charge to consumers, who are able to receive updates and warnings every 15 minutes (24/7) when they, their premises or the routes they need to travel could be at risk of flooding.

The Windows 8 Application has several new features, such as a full screen Bing Map, a Picture Gallery, where users can upload their own images and a Twitter feed, connected to @FloodAlerts, the FloodAlerts official Twitter feed.

Shoothill Managing Director, Rod Plummer, said: “The FloodAlerts service is the only one of its kind and provides the most up-to-date picture of the flooding situation at any given time – hence the reason why the Environment Agency decided to embed the service on their own website and we have decided to continue to the expand the FloodAlerts coverage by developing an application in time for the launch of Windows 8.”

“FloodAlerts provides obvious benefits to people’s safety and their ability to prepare and protect their property, but this information is also critical to many key services and businesses that have to protect their infrastructure or keep essential personnel on the move. The new Windows 8 App, expands on the current service by referencing the native GPS capability of Windows 8 devices and, once Microsoft launches the new Windows 8 OS for mobile, FloodAlerts users will then be able to not only register a “Monitored Location” but also see what is happening around them by using the ‘Near Me’ feature to notify them of any potential flooding in their local area as they travel throughout England and Wales.”

To install FloodAlerts on Windows 8, simply visit the Windows App Store

If you don’t have Windows 8, or simply want to find out more about the other versions of FloodAlerts, please visit the Shoothill Website

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