What was the best day of your life? The day you got married, graduated from college, or had your first child? Now you can share your best life stories with MSN USA using the first ever sponsored Mosaic, which combines creativity with technology to deliver innovative storytelling opportunities.

Shoothill created the Mosaic for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network as one of its first socially connected digital advertisements. Featured on the MSN Lifestyle “Your Life” section to reach the right audience, the ‘Live Your Best Life’ themed campaign helps promote Rosie O’Donnell’s new talk show on OWN and Oprah’s Lifeclass, which launched on October 10.

The centerpiece of the OWN campaign on MSN is a completely customized Mosaic experience using our Deep Zoom technology that lets users share their best moments in their lives, through an interactive social experience that engages and encourages people to upload photos, tag friends’ pictures, answer trivia questions, “like” updates on Facebook and follow conversations on Twitter. As the Mosaic continuously morphs when new images are uploaded, visitors are enticed to continue exploring, sharing with friends and reading.

Rod Plummer MD at Shoothill commented “This project builds on our previous work with Deep Zoom and the added features with have developed for this campaign really begin to show the fantastic possibilities of this technology”

Shoothill, a specialist development firm, have become global leaders in creating rich, interactive experiences which users can zoom into to access a wealth of information and images.

To create the Mosaic for OWN/MSN, Shoothill used their proprietary software called ‘MegaFiche’, which allows each cell within the mosaic to be individually referenced and can potentially feature many millions of images in one giant picture.

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