Welcome to Shoothill’s March newsletter

We’ve been quietly working away over the late winter season and it’s already shaping up to be a phenomenal new year for the Shootlets! Here’s a quick update from Shoothill Towers…

Terry Gilliam checks out Shoothill’s new tech

The legendary screenwriter and filmmaker Terry Gilliam recently got to check out some of Shoothill’s Deep Zooms, including our latest creation ‘Megafiche’ which features up to a million images in one mosaic. Gilliam, a Monty Python member and director of such cult classics as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, was given a demo recently.

Shoothill teams up with Toronto cargo specialists

This year, we’ll be developing a web portal for a Toronto-based provider of Intelligent Supply Chain Integrated Technology. The portal will enable customers to use the firm’s RFID Real-Time asset tracking system to see exactly where their cargo is at any given time during shipping.

Rod helps Bing to light up the web

Shoothill’s MD, Rod Plummer, attended Bing Maps‘ ‘Lighting up the Web’ event in Edinburgh last week to talk about some of the ways Shoothill have built onto the Bing Maps platform. The event illustrated how Bing Maps brings location data to life by making it easier to visualise, understand and analyse.

Deep Zoom becomes work of art

Last month we turned our Deep Zoom mosaics into art with the launch of our striking Limited Edition prints. From Kylie Minogue and Michael Jackson to Winston Churchill and Buzz Aldrin, we printed these glossy mosaics onto huge A0 posters so you can see each little cell (of which there are thousands) in each picture. To purchase one (a truly stunning addition to any home or office!), email marketing@shoothill.com.

A new Shootlet joins our ranks

We’re pleased to welcome on board a new developer, who joined us in January. Szymon, a recent Computer Science graduate, who will be helping our busy team of developers work their way through several exciting projects this year.

BoB wins praise on Mapperz

Our World War II ‘Battle of Britain‘ map, which we developed on the Bing Maps platform to overlay historical German target allocation maps with those of present-day London and Coventry, earned praise on the Mapperz blog recently when it was pinpointed as ‘One of the Best Bing Interactive Maps for 2010’. BoB remains one of our favourite projects to date so we’re really pleased with the response.