Shoothill are delighted to announce the launch of OPAL Data Explorer in collaboration with OPAL, adding to our portfolio of data visualisation projects. The web application allows you to see your local area in a new light thanks to over 41,000 environmental records collected by OPAL’s citizen scientists.

OPAL survey data has already made a valuable contribution to science, but this is the first time that the wealth of information gathered by OPAL participants has been made easily accessible online. So whether you’ve taken part in an OPAL survey in the past, or just want to explore environmental data near you, now is your chance.

We designed and developed a custom web application in collaboration with Opal, to visualise all of the data OPAL have been collecting over the years. Our solution gave users an easy to use, responsive way to interact and understand all of OPAL’s wonderful data. The records available on the OPAL Data Explorer cover all eight of OPAL’s currently active surveys with data going back as far as 2010 for the Air, Biodiversity, Soil and Water Surveys.

Features & Skills:

Custom map clustering solution
Front end development
Back end development
Data handling & processing
Responsive Design

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