Flood Mapping

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Flood Mapping


Shoothill created FloodAlerts as the first graphical representation of the Environment Agency’s Flood Alert data displayed as an overlay on a Bing Map, which delivers personalised flooding alerts.

FloodAlerts uses a cloud based mapping engine that is permanently connected to the Environment Agency via a hub. This allows the Environment Agency flood monitoring data to be transmitted to it every 15 minutes.

When the FloodAlerts application receives a new alert, the system instantly imports the new data into the FloodAlerts database. This triggers the process to create flood tiles automatically and then it displays the tiles in the correct location on a Bing Map.

Shoothill FloodAlerts has been designed to be easily syndicated to other web properties and is easily delivered via an iFrame so it can be deployed worldwide. FloodAlerts can also be deployed as an API or an Enterprise version, which is built specifically to a client’s specifications.

FloodAlerts Enterprise FloodAlerts Enterprise - 307x236

Shoothill can develop specialised applications which are specifically tailored to your needs, enabling you to monitor flood risks to your assets in multiple locations:

  • Console view allows users to see a list of assets and corresponding warnings
  • Users can select from an unlimited number of datasets
  • Several map views available – including Ordnance Survey, Aerial and Road
  • Users able to filter by map layers and change opacity
  • Users able to upload and geo-code multiple sites
  • Administrators able to set viewing permissions hierarchy
  • Users able to set alerting parameters at asset level
To find out more about the FloodAlerts application for corporate clients, please contact tim.welch@shoothill.com or use the contact form above.

Awards & Acknowledgments

January 2013: Shoothill FloodAlerts confirmed as a Finalist in the GeoSpatial World 2013 Awards
Shoothill had a great start to 2013, in the international arena, with confirmation that we had been shortlisted as a finalist for the GeoSpatial World Forum Awards. The announcement will be made at the conference in Rotterdam in May, where Shoothill will also be delivering a speaking slot to an international audience.

October 2012: Shoothill FloodAlerts Shortlisted for National Innovation Award by the IET
These International Innovation Awards recognise the depth and breadth of innovative work being carried out across all areas of engineering and technology.

September 2012: Shoothill FloodAlerts Shortlisted for UK IT Industry Awards
Shortlisted in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category, The UK IT Industry Awards are run by BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT) and Computing magazine

May 2012: FloodAlerts Featured at Ordinance Survey Location 2012 Conference
Chris Pendleton, Sr Program Manager Lead from Bing Maps, Microsoft mentions FloodAlerts during his Microsoft Bing & Location in Business keynote speech.

May 2012: FloodAlerts on Facebook wins Innovation Nation Awards
FloodAlerts was announced as the winner of the Innovation in Enterprise category in the Guardian and Virgin Media Business 2012 Innovation Nation Awards